XMPPFramework / iOS / libidn / -all_load failure

As I integrated the XMPPFramework it requires the libidn library for a couple of methods it uses. The latest version of libidn that the XMPPFramework included as of this writing is 1.15.

Unfortunately, this version seems incompatible with the “Other Linker Flag” -all_load that other libraries seem to want to use. The all_load linker flag […]

Multiple Language Meta Descriptions / One Page

During a post implementation design review today, the design and implementation failed to meet the basic one requirement of the enhancement. The requirement was to ensure the site in question would respond to Katakana characters when searched through google.co.jp. The english title of the site is returned quite high, but when using the Katakana characters […]

Using YAML as Response Format for Services in Spring

Recently, we were developing an iPhone application where the iPhone developer was insistent on utilizing YAML as the response format for service calls. This seemed odd given the prevalence of JSON as a response format and an already built library for parsing and handling JSON within Objective C that works with the iPhone SDK. The […]