Install Your Own URL Shortener

A while back I acquired domain, with intent of setting up my own shortened URL service. While there is nothing wrong with the current offerings by or TinyURL, I was academically intrigued by the notion of setting this up.


I went with open source package YOURLS. It was pretty easy to […] and Open Source

A year ago, my wife, daughter and I visited my wife’s aunt and uncle in Waterford, Michigan area. She signed me up to do a small web site for them to promote the printing business. The printing business has been in the family since 1946.

I decided to use open source tools as much […]

MAMP & PECL/UUID Module Working On Snow Leopard

I had a previous article that discussed in detail on how to get imagick php plugin working on MAMP. As always, as you get more exposed to technologies and frameworks you find new ways to do things. One thing to keep in mind with MAMP is that 1.8.4 is still 32-bit build. Once it goes […]

MAMP & Imagick on Snow Leopard

Most web searches for adding the imagick extension to MAMP suggest using MacPorts to install ImageMagick and then use this compiled version as the library to running ‘pecl install imagick’.

As I was in the process of setting up a clean Mac Book Pro, I tried going through this process. I quickly ran into some […]

Nginx, FastCGI, WordPress Permalink & “No Input file specified”

If you have spent any time recently look into the state of web servers then you know that nginx is getting recommended as the replacement for apache left, right and center. Apache has a rich history, platform extensive, and highly extensible, and while these are great traits it’s 15 years of legacy code hasn’t seemed […]