Eye-Fi Upload via Mac OS X Internet Sharing

I occasionally find the desire to upload images via Eye-Fi while in a location that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, but my computer does have wired Internet access. Let’s say for lack of a better example location this could be a late 90’s remodeled hotel. In those instances, I feel using the Internet Sharing of Mac […]

MAMP & PECL/UUID Module Working On Snow Leopard

I had a previous article that discussed in detail on how to get imagick php plugin working on MAMP. As always, as you get more exposed to technologies and frameworks you find new ways to do things. One thing to keep in mind with MAMP is that 1.8.4 is still 32-bit build. Once it goes […]

Most Popular Room for iPad

My prediction for the iPad is that some survey will come out 6 months after the release that finds people use their iPad more often in the bathroom than any other room in the house. The logic on this is simple. People already have laptops, desktops and fully functional computers available in the living room, […]

Gadgets Galore – The iPad would just be a small incemental add

The Apple iPad was announced yesterday and I do believe the hype was so insane leading up to the announcement that Steve Jobs could have introduced a semi-transparent 1/4 inch laser screen that ran for a month on full charge and people would still have made fun of the name. I kind of think the […]

MAMP & Imagick on Snow Leopard

Most web searches for adding the imagick extension to MAMP suggest using MacPorts to install ImageMagick and then use this compiled version as the library to running ‘pecl install imagick’.

As I was in the process of setting up a clean Mac Book Pro, I tried going through this process. I quickly ran into some […]