Start of a new year, start of a new blog

It has occurred to me recently that I have spent the last 16 or so years using the Internet, 25 years learning various programming languages, and last 12 years working in a professional manner in consulting.  And while I early on used to put public comments and respond to questions on newsgroups and what not, I haven’t really put a public face on anything I do or problems I solve since becoming a paid professional.  I could argue that the job takes time away from the family and the time I do get to spend with the family is precious and I don’t feel the need to spend additional time writing long diatribes about the way I work on a day to day basis.  On the other hand, it could simply be that I really hate writing prose and just enjoy writing code.

So given the start of a new decade, I feel it is time to start something new and start sharing the information I come across on a day to day basis.   So let’s see how long I keep it up and how often I am willing to update this here blog.

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